So little to say

There used to be soooooo much to say,
And now there’s really very little.
The mess of our societal dialog is chaotically described well enough by so many voices, even now those voices who created that chaos we favor now.

Sometimes, waiting to see what happens next is the next step for a voice who sees the new world order is just more of the same with different people sacrificed to keep the violence in power.

Chaos may be disruptive yet it doesn’t have to be violent. Violence is the compromise of the weak minds we empower — and that I still don’t understand why.


Equal under the law.
Oh, #Ferguson already did, last millennia. Two centuries ago.
“The Show Me” state’s #Ferguson just showed us how SLOW Missouri is to implement the law.
Can we get an #accelerator to help for this state? Surely there is an app for that!??!