Playing Games Of Awareness

I guess I just wonder most of the time, are people really that stupid* or are they just afraid of what others may do to them if others thought they were smarter than the other? Or, maybe, they are not afraid at all, they KNOW they will get fired and choose to not bother being smart in public to their own harm?

Or maybe they think that what they think is something they should keep to themselves?  Then I wonder why they do not choose to share them?  And then I wonder why I wonder WHY anyone else makes the choices they make?  *tangent*

Or, maybe, smart people keep their smart thoughts to themselves because they think they can leverage them later for a paycheck or something?  that money thing always seems to be a powerful organizer of thoughts here on planet earth, i wonder what would happen if everyone shared their thoughts just because it was what it took to save the planet?

*I KNOW.  I know “stupid” is not “A Nice Word” (as in “use your nice words to say hard things”); yet, sometimes, ‘stupid is as stupid does’ is just the plain truth that deserves no trimmings.

Imagine If 30% Of Citizens Sponsored a Refugee

“America already has extreme vetting” –

As a child my family sponsored a Vietnamese refugee family in the 70s, they were wonderful friends, and their family and community grew strong in Oregon because we all grew together even though we are so different.

I wonder what would happen if we did a national action to sponsor refugees again, how would that work today?

Morning Reading So You Know

Principles of Good Regulation: Efficiency –

An article by the CFO of our government regulator, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (the “NRC”). Read the article, it can set the agency up to really police an industry or it can facilitate what’s it has been, a green light for the nuclear explorers, an organization who came to help only if necessary.

It still kinda tweeks my mind to think of a “Chief Financial Officer” rather than a “Controller” in a government organization, maybe I’m just old now.