Playing Games Of Awareness

I guess I just wonder most of the time, are people really that stupid* or are they just afraid of what others may do to them if others thought they were smarter than the other? Or, maybe, they are not afraid at all, they KNOW they will get fired and choose to not bother being smart in public to their own harm?

Or maybe they think that what they think is something they should keep to themselves?  Then I wonder why they do not choose to share them?  And then I wonder why I wonder WHY anyone else makes the choices they make?  *tangent*

Or, maybe, smart people keep their smart thoughts to themselves because they think they can leverage them later for a paycheck or something?  that money thing always seems to be a powerful organizer of thoughts here on planet earth, i wonder what would happen if everyone shared their thoughts just because it was what it took to save the planet?

*I KNOW.  I know “stupid” is not “A Nice Word” (as in “use your nice words to say hard things”); yet, sometimes, ‘stupid is as stupid does’ is just the plain truth that deserves no trimmings.

Never forget: Kent State

Anniversaries … help us remember the past.


Click to enlargePhotograph by John Paul Filo – Pulitzer Prize, 1971

The Kent State shootings occurred at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, in the United States and involved the shooting of unarmed college students by the Ohio National Guard on Monday, May 4, 1970. Wikipedia

Date: May 4, 1970

Perpetrator: Ohio Army National Guard

Number of deaths: 4

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Same as it ever was

Because we are smart enough to know, the million dollar properties are the best hype stories ever told … sigh, the educated are so often lost. For #readingl8r.


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This goes along with the “noble savage” school of utopian naturalism. Surviving nature still requires potable water, shelter from the elements – especially in a climate with seasons. Everything you can purchase or rent in civilization you now have to build or provide on your own.

First thing I always remember with images and expressions like this is completing an idyllic couple of weeks hiking through a stunning, isolated region in the highlands of Scotland. I was OK living within the boundaries of carrying everything I needed for protection from the elements + a fair amount of sustenance on my back for that time period.

And a week after I returned to urban America I learned some wandering sheep must have pooped just at the right time upstream in some delightful mountain stream where I filled my water bottle. And I needed another month to recover from…

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Sometimes, in fact frequently, I have nothing new to say. There is not, today, a need for what I have been saying as so many others are now leading the way, saying the same things and being listened to as well.

The need for blogs is hard to define now, probably why I do not use them too often any more. Maybe I’m just tired of typing. I was wondering how this part of my life would “end,” it’s interesting watching it happen.

Life is semi-retired now.

North Dakota Supreme Court overturns conviction on 20-year-old charge

Oh, what is 20 years when ones has a bed and three squares? That we incarcerate almost anyone is insanity by society.


The North Dakota Supreme Court has overturned the conviction of a man who was tried last year on a 20-year-old drunken driving charge.

Jason Gale was arrested for drunken driving in 1995 in Grand Forks but wasn’t called to court until last July, when a jury found him guilty. Gale’s attorney, Scott Brand, argued to justices in December that the delay violated Gale’s right to a speedy trial.

“The government was clearly negligent. It’s 20 years, memories are going to fade and that was obvious at the trial,” Brand told The Associated Press on Wednesday. “The officer just memorized his report. He didn’t have any independent recollection as to what happened on that night…”

The opinion released late Tuesday said justices can’t presume that a 20-year-old case was “diligently prosecuted when there is no evidence of any prosecution at all” and that two decades is an unprecedented amount…

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