Playing Games Of Awareness

I guess I just wonder most of the time, are people really that stupid* or are they just afraid of what others may do to them if others thought they were smarter than the other? Or, maybe, they are not afraid at all, they KNOW they will get fired and choose to not bother being smart in public to their own harm?

Or maybe they think that what they think is something they should keep to themselves?  Then I wonder why they do not choose to share them?  And then I wonder why I wonder WHY anyone else makes the choices they make?  *tangent*

Or, maybe, smart people keep their smart thoughts to themselves because they think they can leverage them later for a paycheck or something?  that money thing always seems to be a powerful organizer of thoughts here on planet earth, i wonder what would happen if everyone shared their thoughts just because it was what it took to save the planet?

*I KNOW.  I know “stupid” is not “A Nice Word” (as in “use your nice words to say hard things”); yet, sometimes, ‘stupid is as stupid does’ is just the plain truth that deserves no trimmings.

‘Concerning Violence’ introducez new generations to Frantz Fanon

Nikohl Vandel:

So you can understand this present reality.

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Review by The People’s Minister of Information JR

Frantz Fanon was one of the greatest political scientists, writers and philosophers to live in the modern era and deal with the effects of colonialism on the oppressor and the oppressed. Born in 1925 on the island of Martinique, this psychiatrist by trade was hired by the colonial French government in the ‘50s to study the rebelling Algerian subjects so that they could be given the most limited amount of reforms that they would tolerate to quench their newly erupting thirst for progress in the society and freedom.

'Concerning Violence' posterWhat Fanon’s colonial masters did not plan on was that he would be traumatized and politicized by the atrocities of the colonialists at the beginning of the Algerian Revolution to the degree of becoming a major leader in that revolutionary struggle. This Black prophet of oppressed rage wrote objectively about the effects of colonialism…

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Nikohl Vandel:

oh, this girl throws tantrums too when confused, and then the drama throws everyone into this state of chaos for a while. its usually ok in the end and we eliminate the stupid caused by a man to get things going straight again — unless of course, it was all of my own doing and then usually there’s a kind man to help me understand exactly what i’ve misunderstood — but yeah, drama keeps me busy.

Originally posted on Mum C writes:

Time takes off the mask of manhood
And shows the real faces of boys
Boys who throw tantrums
When they feel pangs of confusion

A heart of grace
Swerving disgrace
Widening the pace
And saving face
Busy beings need no drama
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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Earthquakes force Dutch government to cut gas field production

Nikohl Vandel:

they say you can’t tell a Dutchman much, yet I’m so glad they listen to mother earth!

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Let in a little winter air?

The Dutch government has ordered a further tightening of gas production at Groningen, Europe’s largest gas field, in response to a spate of earthquakes that have caused extensive property damage in the Netherlands’ northernmost province.

Output at the field, the world’s 10th largest, will be capped at 30 billion cubic metres (bcm) for the whole of 2015, Economy Minister Henk Kamp told reporters on Tuesday. At the beginning of the year, production of 39.4 bcm was planned.

“The earthquakes are still there, and we will have to reckon with earthquakes in the future,” Kamp later told Reuters. “We can do two things to preserve safety: reduce the production of natural gas and strengthen houses, and we’re doing both.”…

Which tells us something about the size of profits – and how priorities are sorted. Even though Kamp says, “We’ll do whatever is necessary for the…

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The Need 4 Change

Originally posted on Occupy City Hall:

Requires each of us to find a way to share our voice.
Each of us is holding a key to the context of this nation we need to address right now.  If you are reading this, then you know what I mean because you are not watching reruns of Dukes of Hazard or playing a video game that does little than occupy your mind for a time.

To be governed requires a lot of work by those of us who know what we want in our nation for our children.  The future we want for them, and the future we DO NOT WANT for them.  I think the latter is, right now, the most important thing we need to communicate to our government.

Our government creates ways to govern us, more and more ways to “fix” the areas where there are conflicts and problems, mostly through new laws or another…

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A Quest 2 Save Us All

Originally posted on Letters To Pope Francis I:

Dear Pope Francis,

I hope you get my tweets as that’s where I have been spending most of my time online lately, and I do try to include you in all the things that I think you would be concerned with and would want to be aware in your position and calling.

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say, “You Rock!”  That speech you gave on climate change, well, I don’t think I could have done better myself.  Thank you for laying it all out for everyone so they HAVE to hear it, finally, because, well, because everyone listens to you.

I do wonder whether I should go back to St. Theresa’s School and ask them whether or not they would like some help implement the contents of your speech into their curriculum, yet to be perfectly honest, they were so mean, I just never want…

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