some days

Some days, like today, I am doing nothing. Almost literally, I’m doing nothing except twitter, instagram, soundcloud, now wordpress, and some other apps too, yet, for most people on this planet, I’ve done nothing of value.

Wait, is “thinking” doing something? I have been thinking a lot this morning too, what about you? Are you thinking today?

I think that we’re all thinking all the tym, and I really don’t think any one person’s thinking is “greater” or more important than the next person, yet sometimes I do focus when I am thinking — that’s how I used to make money back in the day — and I have been focusing on some rather interesting thoughts no one else would ever care about knowing about, so those will stay here until they don’t.

Don’t you love your thoughts that have minds of their own?

The Falsity Of Life

Listen to Episode #1: We Who Are Alive and Remain by The Art of Manliness #np on #SoundCloud

Oh my, I found a new blog, or rather instead, a new podcast, which is kinda like a blog just recorded as audio instead of it being my own voice reading the written words of another.

I “followed” the SoundCloud account before I listened to the “Episode 1” to find out what it was about, and oh boy, the mind fuq ride that put me in this afternoon plays with thoughts of the most conspirator kind that creates great fiction except that today our “government” plays it in non-fiction mode.

Don’t you ever wonder how it would be if we didn’t have to consider our government has the violent minds in charge and the lethal weapons to use?

Violence isn’t an option for resolution unless ? ? ? I have no reason it is an option.

Anyway, if men want to perpetuate violence, keep honoring war. I don’t understand why we do that, war is never honorable unless it is over.