Chrome for iOS gains single click Google sign in; full screen iPad browsing; data compression

Efficiency is a good thing!


Google improved its Chrome browser for iOS devices on Wednesday with new features and stability improvements. After updating the app to version 28 on an iPod(s aapl) touch, iPhone or iPad, it’s easier to use Google’s(s goog) other apps and services on Apple devices thanks to better app interoperability. Apple’s iPad also gains a full-screen browsing experience.

Open in mapsMany of the changes are meant for iOS users to stay within Google’s app and services ecosystem. For example, clicking an address link in a Chrome web search can open the Google Maps application instead of Apple’s own Maps software.

The iOS apps for YouTube, Google+ and Google Drive can also be opened through Chrome browser links with this version, and Google says more Google app support through Chrome is in the works. By first signing into Chrome, users will be able to sign into these other Google apps with a single click.


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