heralding the #nugatekeepers

the problem with this situation is that there are still gatekeepers.  oh, sure they exchange keys with a handshake, a pat on the back, perhaps a salute, or just maybe they toss the keys down on the ground at the other’s feet as they stamp off in defeat … someone somewhere will always be “The Gatekeeper.”   When the gates to be kept are of a whole new nature, the ability to shift our nature becomes quite profound and powerful.  Just ask any genetic scientist.

The external gatekeepers appear in our world because of the internal ones we harbor, hide, protect and rely upon in order to maintain any level of order.  The extent to which we have external gatekeepers in our society is directly proportionate to the needs we have for them internally.   

For me, as much as I love meditating, I find that its like a drug that takes away my attachment to my reality only to find myself back there looking at the same problem with the same people doing the same thing.  OK, so maybe my blood pressure isn’t as high as it was while in jail, and I use words like “perhaps” a bit more and some people and energy I just do not bother to interact, but, there are no real changes being made on this planet any time soon, and the level of humanity is just simply too critical for any amount of medication or meditation to disguise what is from not being all too real.

The “Gatekeepers” really need to step up, if they are ever going to, and simply just lock the doors on those who need them locked and free those who need to be freed to get this earth ship righted forthwith.