man — well, there we have it.  man.  manipulation.

it is the way that one is supposed to create the reality in which one lives.

a writer is a manipulator of words to most closely communicate a thought, but its manipulation is not over once these words are put down to be read.  the manipulation of the reader of the same words, giving a manipulated voice to the author’s story is something that every writer must consider, but it is not necessary for A Story to be told.

so, unless you are The Manipulator how do you know what anything means? 

wary of reality


such as it appears to be,
the only course of action is fearlessness.
to be in the moment requires
clarity to discern between what is fear and what is lethargy.
wariness is a tool of lethargy that only
the ego can conquer through sheer will of the self.
fear is a tool of “god” that invites us to dare
to be “god” if only for your own existence.
creating is the efficient choice for one who is wary of reality.