The truth is, when you start asking questions like, “why AM I angry?”  and you start beginning to actually answering a question like that, you enter into a game of emotions.  Games played when you were a child to deal with the emotions of those around you who could project that which angered them on you because they could.

The child, not knowing that mom was just “losing her mind” because of something that had NOTHING to do with you, but how COULD you possibly know that with how they were acting, voicing, and being? 

So, when you realize that your anger stems from ancestral or projected realities, what is in this moment.  How critical is “the moment” to have a peaceful reality?  And, how do you create it for yourself? 

If you can do that, time+space+vibration combines with arbitrary randomness of the reality that exists in the now for what purpose?  something that has nothing to do with you, unless you KNOW string theory, chaos theory, oneness theory, and that integrating two more senses isn’t that big of a deal is it?  which two do you need to integrate more right now?

sight?  sound?  there’s the #inet4that, right?

sound?  lol, big brother.

taste?  touch?  hmmmm, yeah, those two.  sigh.  can’t ever forget those two most important.  maybe i’ll focus on that here.  and, just 2 mess with everyone’s mind a little bit more, we all like a little friendly competition, don’t we, maybe I can get Qoco to play with me here.  Qoco is played by The First Husband.  so, lots of history, inside jokes, and hopefully love beyond the divorce to honor the people we are and our daughter.