There is a petition being circulated … if you haven’t signed it yet, sign it here.

That Petition is going to be delivered to the UN by many of those who are part of the US Green Party — a formal GLOBAL political party that the current controlling government of the United States has regulated, along with all the other political parties not supported by the corpocracy in office, out of eligibility to even have an opportunity to equally participate.

Anyway, we know that the reign of corpocracy in America is not working, right?!  Ok, just checking.

So we are now taking our petition and grievances to the next level of government that should acknowledge the legal standing as citizens of one of its member states.  Oh, for us to start applying international laws to this reality here in the United States may be all we need to get back to that Constitutional Republic we once were.

Maybe some of the world’s leaders are smarter than what we have here in America, who can understand the global ecological disaster we face and are ready to take that as our fundamental task to resolve as a global community.