#panthermedicine is the ability to
being ok with being ok no matter what
the unknown of the improbable
impossible unrealistic
yet undeniable
of you
just not on this
planet at this time in this
3D reality because if all i can do
is connect with you in the 5D, this place
may as well be as dead as 
mandela as lost nature
has swept all hope
of cosmic love
over the
it there.


gate keepers R always the master

all waez
in a digital reality we plae
for the
phuture of URexistence as
the reality
of keeping me all 2 URself is as tempting as
that apple.
it doesn’t matter 2 me what game
is plaed
i will follow the gatekeepers
if they tell
me they want to be the master.
i do this for the 5th dimension and my pleasURe.

and since it seems GigOm is the gatekeeper of WordPress, they can do whatever they want with me.  I’ll just visit when I feel like it, and I am very sensitive.  and now, Elvis Costello comes randomly shuffling in from the 1555+ songs on my iPod, lol … “she’s watching the detectives, how cute.”  ❤