occupy the oppo…

occupy the opposition is the agreement to argue both sides of the same argument on common ground. it is an agreement to be on common ground where we are and confront areas of conflict with respect seeded and birthed on the common ground. sometimes, we can bring together such groups okupi and tparti on an issue of fracking if we occupy the opposition.


how to create an evolutionary revolution that brings 2 life #togetherwerise

living ur realities so fully

living ur realities so fully

the moment is a constant flow of information and creation integrated within the interaction with a completely random (or not) world that shifts 0 and 1s as who sees fit?  sharing a vision of reality requires the care of an imprint made in solitary no matter what others consider, support, share or establish.  when we #occupytheopposition, we create a planet of oneness that can only be lived through the context of cosmic consort.