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Okay so I wanted to rant all day long. That I rant in this space on the internet right now is pissing me off. What happened to that wonderful SoundCloud app? That I am not in front of an audience in this moment right now annoys me. I actually rant best in the kitchen.

I would love to halo over you, but no face comes n2 view. And that pisses me off. Am I really impatient? Am I really impatient?! I just need help, and I could use it now to help me understand what is real? Is there really nuclear power plant melting down in Japan? Is the waste really going directly into the ocean? Is water quantum? Can we create new pure water? Can we save our beaches? Can we save our oceans? Can we turn nuclear poop into rocket fuel? Because right now all that I know based on everything that I have been informed indicate we are in the emergency mode or not, but I’m not having fun doing this alone.

And I know I’m not, but you know what i mean.  #yoganigra #om