go gratitude

everyone remembers go gratitude #gogratitude, right? 40 days intensive meditation randomly timed to focus on defining how to hold gratitude for that in life which gave this moment, even the horrible things.

Go Gratitude had lots of different tools to hold that mindfulness, look it up if you need some help, but doing it as an activist for police brutality . . . yeah, like going back to childhood just a bit more of an adult mind fuq.

ever had a cavity search? no, not kind … an uninvited one?

my patroness saint

my patroness saint

I wonder what it is about Common Core Curriculum that they are so afraid to allow parents the options to participate in that type of education or not.  In choosing a private school, a Catholic one in particular, me and my daughter’s father did so to “opt” out of the government’s offering of education, and most specifically from the “Common Core Curriculum.”

Common Core Curriculum has come to my daughter’s Catholic School and with it has come a new administrator (an interim principal) and a new Parish Father.  Along with this Common Core Curriculum, we have replaced the school my daughter is looking forward to graduate from this year (8th grade) with a Fortress School.  My very first meeting with the new Interim Principal resulted in him threatening me to be arrested?  For what, I’m not exactly sure.  And, just last week I got the “trespass letter” — they don’t call it that in a Catholic School, they call it a warning that legal action for a Temporary Restraining Order to be put in place against me for ? ? ? ?  Again, nothing specific except that Common Core Curriculum Testing they need to get the money that the Government is given in them — REMEMBER:  this is a Catholic School.

It seems to me, that my daughter, who was christened in the Episcopal Church, has the same dedication to God as those in the Catholic Church. I just wonder if they have the same understanding as I, “render unto Caesar that which is Caesar and unto God that which belongs to Him”?  Common Core Curriculum seeks to render my child to a belief system that does not stem from the common core of her, which starts with our family.  Not that many of the Common Core beliefs we do not strongly support and believe, but the notion of our daughter’s education being codified to comply with a government standard that achieves this level of economic disparity, poverty, crime, and violence, lies and low level performance in education, cannot be trusted with that which God entrusted to the parents to care for the raising of a child so dedicated to God my thoughtful, responsible Christian parents.

My first unknown:  Does this Catholic Church still recognize the baptism of my daughter to God from the Episcopal Church?

Seems like a reasonable enough question for the Father to handle this Thursday morning.  Before I send the letter off to my attorney to respond to, I’ll do it the Christian way.  And, since direct confrontation with the Interim Principal got me a letter from an attorney, I figured it is now time to go to the leadership of the church.  That is how the Christians play the game, right?  The New Testament has all kinds of rules to play by in it!

safe ∞ style (a collaborative entry)

Inspire me … Word Press’ external inspirator gave me this:

A picture is worth 1000 words. This safe has been through a lot. Tell its story.

Image credit: “safe” – © 2007 Paul Keller – made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic

Although, Niki has a 500 word limit, so, in 500 words or less … inspired by

snorts Niki V.
seriously, u really think URsafe?
playing it safe maybe, but “safe”?  the tentative
steps of our reality reveals the insecurity
of our polarity, the timing of which
is just so slow which leaves
me to wonder if u could
ever truly ground
enough 2

taking its
laborious journey
of struggle knowing that u
promised urself u would never struggle
like THAT again …. and yet
we do it until we don’t
and then u have 2
consider that
the polarity
of the
have shifted
with those of the mother ship.

The truth is, when you start asking questions like, “why AM I angry?”  and you start beginning to actually answering a question like that, you enter into a game of emotions.  Games played when you were a child to deal with the emotions of those around you who could project that which angered them on you because they could.

The child, not knowing that mom was just “losing her mind” because of something that had NOTHING to do with you, but how COULD you possibly know that with how they were acting, voicing, and being? 

So, when you realize that your anger stems from ancestral or projected realities, what is in this moment.  How critical is “the moment” to have a peaceful reality?  And, how do you create it for yourself? 

If you can do that, time+space+vibration combines with arbitrary randomness of the reality that exists in the now for what purpose?  something that has nothing to do with you, unless you KNOW string theory, chaos theory, oneness theory, and that integrating two more senses isn’t that big of a deal is it?  which two do you need to integrate more right now?

sight?  sound?  there’s the #inet4that, right?

sound?  lol, big brother.

taste?  touch?  hmmmm, yeah, those two.  sigh.  can’t ever forget those two most important.  maybe i’ll focus on that here.  and, just 2 mess with everyone’s mind a little bit more, we all like a little friendly competition, don’t we, maybe I can get Qoco to play with me here.  Qoco is played by The First Husband.  so, lots of history, inside jokes, and hopefully love beyond the divorce to honor the people we are and our daughter.


ultimate world of imagination

ultimate world of imagination

listenin’ 2 Elvis Costello “Imagination is a Powerful Deceiver” . . . and i do not mind that you watch me, just don’t mess with my computer, it must work or, as those who know, know, i go away.  and when you want me, i will not be here for you.  and when you need me, just remember “if u can’t be with the one u love, love the one u r with,” and your decisions are your own.  what one accepts in life is completely up to them.  live and let live.  everything is forgivable, forgiven and not relevant to this moment except what is in this moment.  i am typing on a computer.  that’s reality.  change is a constant as is infinity.  breathing in an infinity reality, the 5th dimension seems like our only hope for humanity!  lol.  seriously, we need help of the most logical kind!

Untitled 7 (potential)

Untitled 7 (potential)


Because reality strikes at the surface of conscience

to perceive its transformation the moment it hits

is a moment of truth empowering clarity

of the soul’s true purpose and goal.

Interacting on the surface of the

nano texture that weaves into

the vibration of existence

that spirals to engage

every breath, with

thoughts and





emanating from

the infinity of form

which shapes the will

and agitates the potential

to realize the truth recognized

while buried in the rubble and mess

of the subconscious, reality happened as

‘someone’ created it now and in this

moment to be a perfect collection

of cosmic energy to create

the unity of the self for

the ‘someone’ who

all in all know

the illusion




if love

is going

2 grow out

of this moment

or if it is a distraction

from the only thing real

that infinity brings 2 u purely

when recognized, reality is either

accepted or rejected instantly as

something desirable to the

potential existence of u


my first Writing of 2k13
7:06am 17 jan 2k13