bring a bus, i’ll go on tour with you!


i think about blogs i want to create just to share an idea of a moment that i would never really take the actual time to make it a truthality in my lifetime.

I Need To Adjust My Streams

I actually believed, based on the rhetoric and positions of the Republicans and Democrats in the Senate, that the Keystone XL actually had a chance of being stopped there, in the Senate. ¬†There were, from my perspective —¬†from what I read on the variety of streams of information I receive everyday¬†—¬†a false sense that at least three Republican Senators, just listening to their positions on environmental issues in general, who may have opposed that idiotic pipeline (and it is, at this point, idiotic).

Then to see that there were some Democrat Senators that voted for it too … WTF?! ¬†I really didn’t see that coming at all, especially when they “KNEW” the President would veto it (if he actually does do that, and now I have to hold the jury out until it actually happens). ¬†How are we supposed to trust these people?

I know money is great and everything, yet, this is beyond any reasonable good judgment of any kind. ¬†I’m so lost and confused on this planet right now, I am having serious thoughts on why I bother to try to figure this out. ¬†Maybe I should just stop. ¬†Yet if I did that, I’d have no reason to blog and where’s the fun in a life without blogging? ¬†Maybe there is no solution.

Which¬†leads me to this thought, the creation of a world within one’s own narration is so easy to manipulate and control now, how are we ever going to reconcile the extreme vision of the world being held by our “leaders” with the actual truth of life on earth? ¬†I can spend an entire life never knowing how stupid the world actually is, however, i think i would miss the comedy and drama of other people’s version of the script that just is so deviant from the human narration for sustainable existence on this planet. ¬†Its just when that deviance impacts something as important as the source that gives us all life: ¬†mother earth.

Bring back sanity.

Just Because

Everything I do, I do just because.

because i am in the space and time and vibration that i happen to be and that is what there is to do in that space.


because i haven’t found a solution on the internet. ¬†that’s why i think i’m the smartest person in the room at places like the California Coastal Commission — where i KNOW i’m NOT the smartest person in the room, I’m just the smartest HUMAN in the room speaking about reality that exists which no one cares to speak about. ¬†I am the elephant namer. ¬†I describe the elephant and what needs to happen to get it out of the room: ¬†namely, I’m not the smartest person in the room.

as soon as I usually say what needs to happen to the elephant, that’s when the REALLY SMART people take over and,¬†take the problem to a breakout session for an intervention or intensive session or something. ¬†right?!