life is long

there are times that i don’t have anything to say.

ok, so those times are rare, but they do happen.  mostly that happens when i have thought all my thoughts so many times in so many different ways that i simply do not have a new thought in my head.  i just have the same one over and over and over and over again.

but, mostly, i have thoughts and i think, “i already know that so i don’t need to think about THAT.”  but, with me, that thought then smacks me upside the head in the form of something real mundane and i wonder why the fuck i even bother breathing on planet earth if i have to deal with stupid stuff like this.

really.  why?  infinity.  difference?  none. 

pretty things.  maybe for a while, but not for more than a week, tops.  most of our minds are so undisciplined that even the grand canyon can become a routine that occasionally breaks n2 our realm 2 remind us that we are breathing on planet earth and sometimes it is amazing.

life is long, that’s why i keep breathing.

but, to be honest, this is one of those days when the “why not” argument makes its case heard loud and clear.  after all, infinity … right?

safe ∞ style (a collaborative entry)

Inspire me … Word Press’ external inspirator gave me this:

A picture is worth 1000 words. This safe has been through a lot. Tell its story.

Image credit: “safe” – © 2007 Paul Keller – made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic

Although, Niki has a 500 word limit, so, in 500 words or less … inspired by

snorts Niki V.
seriously, u really think URsafe?
playing it safe maybe, but “safe”?  the tentative
steps of our reality reveals the insecurity
of our polarity, the timing of which
is just so slow which leaves
me to wonder if u could
ever truly ground
enough 2

taking its
laborious journey
of struggle knowing that u
promised urself u would never struggle
like THAT again …. and yet
we do it until we don’t
and then u have 2
consider that
the polarity
of the
have shifted
with those of the mother ship.