cosmic boredom

cosmic boredom has kicked in when you are just so tired of your own thoughts it doesn’t even warrant sharing them.  its sad when I realize the last time I had an interesting conversation I found out the person I was speaking with was tripping on LSD and Mollies (not my normal scene).  tumblr does not even inspire a single new thought.

someone rescue me!

sometimes i want to say something clever
something so new that no one has ever even began to think about that thought i just gave a voice to
but mostly now, i’m just tired of speaking the same things over and over and over
again because the circumstances that i’m repeating are still things that most
people are not even bothering to think about yet and so i wonder how
long do i need to talk about the same old things before others
start talking about them like they are new and the most
important thing to be speaking about NOW!!!!!!!
sigh, i really want to move on past
fukushima about now and
start speculating
what fixing
does for the future
of humanity as we expand out into outer space!!!!!!!!!!!