There Are So Many Imaginary People In This World

Oh, sure, they actually exist, yet they do not really exist.  They present an illusion of themselves that really is never fully realized because they do not view the world in which they live in as a reality of truth they actually believe.

“Yes, that’s the way it should be, yet that’s not the way it is.”  When presenting the actual truth we all know to the present circumstances is so quickly dismissed, the deviant story is accepted and reempowered so they cast for themselves a character of themselves in that fictional story everyone subscribes to together:  Reality.

I suppose that’s why I even exist.  To play this role I do.

Choice and Opting Out

Sometimes the best thing one may do is walk away from tolerable to exist in the chaos, stopping all “business as usual,” until a light bulb turns on in the dark, showing you how unacceptable tolerable actually was.

Then, one may start walking again. Or running, as the case may be, with untolerable hot on your tails trying to reconcile the dissonance in a new dimension.