what is there to talk about?

~ recording a reading of this one

i just found, in a plastic commissary bag we would get in jail, in one if those boxes i pulled out of the closet that contains so much of that reality i was born from, one of my first books, “Think and Grow Rich,” by Napoleon Hill.

when my sister sent me a copy in jail, i was like “wtf?”  but, at least, I thought at the time, it had a chapter on sex.

yet, in recollection, that was the best book to send anyone in jail.  it has helped me understand why and how to manage a life on the outside, in the prison earth most  are trying to escape.

I just might start a blog dedicated to the genius of Napoleon Hill and those thoughts he did share with us. or, maybe, now that I’m kinda tweeting regularly, I’ll find someone else who already is and just go from there.

and if you know my thoughts on economic systems this is probably the most confusing thing you would ever think I could or would write. 🙂 confusion, it happens in the juxtaposition of the world out there vs. my thoughts in here.