Empowered Choices Make the Best(est)/Epic Decisions

Empowered choices make the best decisions,” we all agree on that. ¬†Right? ¬†But, which choice are we talking about?

Empowered choices sometimes make the “bestest” decisions possible in the course of a lifetime. ¬†Usually we call those “learning experiences” or mistakes, and because IF we were in an empowered position when we made them, well, we probably learned from that choice and the consequences it brought and we are better humans for it. ¬†Lessons learned through¬†experience are most powerful, we all know that too, right?

Empowered choices make the epic decisions.  Indeed, this is where we make choices as individuals that we may not otherwise make for ourselves, yet the impact of that decision on the world around us empowers everyone in that world  to do better.

The right to choose is just such a choice. ¬†I do not agree with abortions, i think they are wrong, stupid and wtf did you do going to get yourself pregnant? ¬†Sometimes, choices were¬†an uninspired, unempowered choice; sometimes, it wasn’t a choice at all, it was an oops, sometimes an “oh, shit, i need to sleep with this dude to get out of here and leave me alone,” sometimes its “i’m just too young and stupid to not get drunk at that frat party and, oh well, which guy was it?” ¬†sometimes its tragic like a rape, and sometimes, children have parents who use abortion as birth control, just because that’s all they know because that’s all they’ve been taught. ¬†All of these decision-makers are doing their “bestest,” which isn’t at a level of acceptability of mindfulness in my home, yet for so many others, this is just normal, it is not a crime.

We here sitting pretty our nice world where we think about things, where we don’t have that unfortunate set of circumstances to¬†lead us down this¬†road to an unwanted pregnancy can say: ¬†No, YOU cannot have the power to choose, I choose for you. ¬†What does that solve, the problem? ¬†No, it creates all the unwanted children we have today already and then some. The truth is, WE have¬†the choice, whether they take it away or not, WE¬†can¬†have an abortion at anytime, WE¬†always could, OUR¬†doctors took care of such things for US.

The historic truth we do know is this, when abortion was illegal women died getting them. ¬†They died trying to get them. ¬†They died trying to live a life they couldn’t lead because they could not get them. Women died. All the time. Which choice again? Right to life?

So, anyone who says they are against the right to choose but does not attend every single school board meeting and city council meeting and direct the policy, mindset and moral compass and services for their community, has¬†no right to say someone else doesn’t have the right to choose. ¬†You are neither trying to prevent pregnancies or empower a better life for those who are the ones usually taking the safe road to save their own lives in their circumstances, the bestest they know how. That’s what we do for them, EPICALLY. ¬†When we fail on the front end, we need to protect them on the backend. We are as strong as our weakest link and we cannot be shortsighted in our vision by our our personal beliefs and egos.

Because as a society, we choose for WOMEN, who are alive today, to LIVE.  That is our first priority.  Anything else is illogical, thus, not debatable.

Mostly, people power tripping over their beliefs, and personal opinions as to how much they can control someone else’s choices, they don’t really care¬†really about the children, that is certain. ¬†Not really care, to the point where they are empowered¬†to choose¬†to create a different choice for anyone to experience here.

I will debate this issue with anyone who is fighting against state-directed abortions in nation-states such as India and China where wholesale aborting of girl babies is equal to genocide at the level it is happening.  =)

I Need To Adjust My Streams

I actually believed, based on the rhetoric and positions of the Republicans and Democrats in the Senate, that the Keystone XL actually had a chance of being stopped there, in the Senate. ¬†There were, from my perspective —¬†from what I read on the variety of streams of information I receive everyday¬†—¬†a false sense that at least three Republican Senators, just listening to their positions on environmental issues in general, who may have opposed that idiotic pipeline (and it is, at this point, idiotic).

Then to see that there were some Democrat Senators that voted for it too … WTF?! ¬†I really didn’t see that coming at all, especially when they “KNEW” the President would veto it (if he actually does do that, and now I have to hold the jury out until it actually happens). ¬†How are we supposed to trust these people?

I know money is great and everything, yet, this is beyond any reasonable good judgment of any kind. ¬†I’m so lost and confused on this planet right now, I am having serious thoughts on why I bother to try to figure this out. ¬†Maybe I should just stop. ¬†Yet if I did that, I’d have no reason to blog and where’s the fun in a life without blogging? ¬†Maybe there is no solution.

Which¬†leads me to this thought, the creation of a world within one’s own narration is so easy to manipulate and control now, how are we ever going to reconcile the extreme vision of the world being held by our “leaders” with the actual truth of life on earth? ¬†I can spend an entire life never knowing how stupid the world actually is, however, i think i would miss the comedy and drama of other people’s version of the script that just is so deviant from the human narration for sustainable existence on this planet. ¬†Its just when that deviance impacts something as important as the source that gives us all life: ¬†mother earth.

Bring back sanity.

ultimate world of imagination

ultimate world of imagination

listenin’ 2 Elvis Costello “Imagination is a Powerful Deceiver” . . . and i do not mind that you watch me, just don’t mess with my computer, it must work or, as those who know, know, i go away.¬† and when you want me, i will not be here for you.¬† and when you need me, just remember “if u can’t be with the one u love, love the one u r with,” and your decisions are your own.¬† what one accepts in life is completely up to them.¬† live and let live.¬† everything is forgivable, forgiven and not relevant to this moment except what is in this moment.¬† i am typing on a computer.¬† that’s reality.¬† change is a constant as is infinity.¬† breathing in an infinity reality, the 5th dimension seems like our only hope for humanity!¬† lol.¬† seriously, we need help of the most logical kind!