Some Days

You go outside
You look around
You go back inside

Life outside the little world we are able to create in our homes, I’m talking to those of us fortunate to have one of those right now, can sometimes be fuq’d up and something we KNOW we don’t need to deal with at all. Our homes protect us.

True. No, you don’t HAVE to do anything or interact at all out there, I know that IS true. I stay inside a lot, A LOT. The thing with “out there” is that it is bad because too many people who aren’t bad aren’t out there creating it. I know that too, which is why I do go out the little I do.

I encourage everyone who is a good person to go out and do something brand new to help save the world for our children. It doesn’t matter what you do, so long as it’s good.

The Falsity Of Life

Listen to Episode #1: We Who Are Alive and Remain by The Art of Manliness #np on #SoundCloud

Oh my, I found a new blog, or rather instead, a new podcast, which is kinda like a blog just recorded as audio instead of it being my own voice reading the written words of another.

I “followed” the SoundCloud account before I listened to the “Episode 1” to find out what it was about, and oh boy, the mind fuq ride that put me in this afternoon plays with thoughts of the most conspirator kind that creates great fiction except that today our “government” plays it in non-fiction mode.

Don’t you ever wonder how it would be if we didn’t have to consider our government has the violent minds in charge and the lethal weapons to use?

Violence isn’t an option for resolution unless ? ? ? I have no reason it is an option.

Anyway, if men want to perpetuate violence, keep honoring war. I don’t understand why we do that, war is never honorable unless it is over.