I Had A Stroke

Just like so many Americans I had a stroke. I’m in a rehab facility to get back total movement on my right side. I’m so ordinary here the fact that I had a stroke means very little and I’m just another one.

Ok, I’m a bit fancy because I am wearing a Zoll LifeVest that, if my heart stops it will zap me back to life automatically if it can. Apparently in my physicial demise in 2016 I was fighting the ability of my heart as well. I just thought I had a virus or something.

The doctors at Loma Linda Medical Center are typical Western trained and taught. Our most interesting discussions have been on the food. Did you know, every doctor until the kidney specialist didn’t listen to the challenges of eating while in the hospital and the impact of that on their treatment of me?

The kidney doctor got them all to start listening to the issues and problems facing their other hospital staff in their role in healing people. Most of the younger did not get it, yet my dialog with the teachers in front of them did enlarge each team to work with the dietician staff … how do you get protein when someone doesn’t just eat tofu processed foods?

Food is fundamental to life, Western Medicine needs to wake up a bit.


5 thoughts on “I Had A Stroke

  1. Dear Niki – I’m glad you are still actively teaching and promoting healthy living – you are a maverick. Get better soon and don’t let anything hold you back. (not that anything could ever hold you back or keep you from fighting the good battles).

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