there are so many moments i want to hide away in, just to be left alone in them, those moments — the one’s where all the world makes sense and i do not ever need to watch the news or read a paper or even read the twitting about our world.

to see the reality we share looses me in confusion of all that i was taught is right and wrong.  a government we now have eclipses all the horror stories of the one’s we’ve studied before as violent mindsets make our decisions on a routine basis “for our safety and security.” that violence and their elitism “I’m in charge” gives me no peace, even though i really wish you would be in charge because i am so tired of worrying that you’ll completely misunderstand me and, well, our police state does what it does, doesn’t it?

i saw a number today, one that said the police in my nation killed 1,199 people — those 1,199 are really just you and me with different thoughts and ideas in different beings.  ok, maybe some were as violent as the police who killed them, yet so many of them were not, they were just people with issues living amongst all the rest of us people with issues.  i wonder often if my issues will ever return me from where i was birthed:  that jail cel.

fuck the police.  get it together.  #GlobalPoliceStateStanddown


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