I Won!

sometimes, those of us who do this, understand how sweet these long lived victories may be, yet the cost of them on our society and communities is great. the need to view those we disagree with as those we can malign and degrade simply has no place in our society. authority must be authentic and not emotional, rising to challenges and collaborative with staff, students, community and sponsors. so happy to read this today. =) #goodnews


By Robin Meade

I won!

On September 17, the Illinois Education Labor Relations Board (IELRB) made its final ruling in my case against Moraine Valley Community College (MVCC).

It all started in August of 2013, when I was fired by the administration at Moraine Valley Community College for writing a letter to the League of Innovation in the Community Colleges decrying MVCC’s lack of innovation toward adjuncts. I sent the letter as president of the adjunct bargaining unit. My termination letter specifically stated “your letter goes far beyond what could be considered responsible advocacy on behalf of the Moraine Valley Adjunct Faculty association”, meaning I was fired for my activities as union president and not my teaching position. This situation began the workings of two legal efforts; one with the labor board (IELRB) and one in federal court defending my freedom of speech.

I must say that with many decades…

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