The 4 Best Aerospace and Defense Stocks for This Earnings Season

and with #JadeHelm15 we are well on our way to training our own military to view us citizens as enemy combatants …. hmmmm, sounds like another piece of our past coming back: Germany circa 1925. Seriously, how DO you get your neighbors and friends to bring you into a furnace to burn you alive?!


24/7 Wall St.

Boeing FA18 Super HornetThis week, the second-quarter earnings parade starts to really get rolling, and all the top Wall Street firms that we cover are starting to handicap who they think will do well and who they think are at risk. In a new report from Cowen, the firm’s Aerospace and Defense team likes four stocks into the second-quarter earnings prints.

With the economy both in the United States and around the world slowly but surely picking up, the Cowen team is focused on four companies that they feel can not only top current estimates, but that have solid business traction for the remainder of 2015. All four companies are rated Outperform, and they are the top commercial picks.


The Cowen analysts are well ahead of other Wall Street estimates for second-quarter earnings. Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA) has been on a downward trend since February and may be offering investors a very…

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