Awe, Hell Yeah!

Mum C writes


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God, I hate to ask this of You

But I have to ask anyway

I need an erection

Give me an erection

An erection as hard as the Kwahu Mountains

To gain the attention of all domineering

To call them to order



I need to replace this flat land

With a gargantuan erection

I need the change like a he-goat on heat needs ‘you know what…’

So give me an erection

An erection to deeply thrust all forms of suppressions

And cause their deaths on minds of demi-gods and goddesses


A voice like mine in flat is boring

A gigantic erection will suit me well

I don’t want to be an a ‘aboduaba’ or ‘akuaba’ any more

Give me that huge erection

To gain the mandate;

And flog disrespect

Jail irresponsibility

Cage abusers

Castrate he-goats who defile hymens

Ooooh Father! Give me that erection


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