Repeated, record-breaking rainfall events increase with global warming

So, I guess I just want to know . . . when are the so-called “Presidential” contenders going to even begin to talk about a plan of action? The only real contender I see that can handle this mess is #DrJillStein and perhaps that Governor from New Jersey, he at least knows to get out of the way of mother nature! Sigh, still no one really REALLY talking about the rising waters and what we should be looking forward to in the next decade. I mean, I know us smart people are all talking about it all the time, but you know . . . Like on CNN — asking those wannabes, “WTF are you going to do to save Virginia Beach?!”


Click to enlargeSean R. Heavey

Heavy rainfall events setting ever new records have been increasing strikingly in the past thirty years. While before 1980, multi-decadal fluctuations in extreme rainfall events are explained by natural variability, a team of scientists of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research detected a clear upward trend in the past few decades towards more unprecedented daily rainfall events.

They find the worldwide increase to be consistent with rising global temperatures which are caused by greenhouse-gas emissions from burning fossil fuels…

The average increase is 12 percent globally – but 56 percent in South East Asia

An advanced statistical analysis of rainfall data from the years 1901 to 2010 derived from thousands of weather stations around the globe shows that over 1980-2010 there were 12 percent more of these events than expected in a stationary climate, a scenario without global warming. “Due to the…

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