To Do List

i’ll get rid of most of those in checking #FindingMyCosmicConsort and #CuringCosmicBoredom

the rest of the things can turn into things to do when we want something else to do.

Elan Mudrow


To Do List: A Poem

☐    Fall in love with the wrong person

    Break up with the wrong person

☐     Fall in love with another wrong person

    Realize there is no right person

☐     Get a job

☐     Hate my job

☐    Go on unemployment

☐     Try internet dating

☐     Find the right person

☐     Who turns out to be the wrong person

☐     Get another job

☐     Hate my job

☐     Get fired

☐     Live with the wrong person

☐     Get kicked out of the wrong person’s apartment

☐     Go back to school

☐     Take out a humungous loan

☐     Graduate

☐     Get a job

☐     Hate my job

☐     Make out with the boss

☐     Marry the boss

☐     Big mistake

☐     Divorce the boss

☐     Get another loan and buy a mobile home

☐     Drink…

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