No Need 2 Live

2016: This is the "Real" Truth

truth be told, there’s no need to live
there’s no place that must be seen
there’s no thing that must be done.

oh, sure, we are born.
we are raised however we may have been
we go to school, we learn things, we do things
yet we have no real need to live

we merely do.

at some point, everything we do in life becomes just what we do.
sometimes we enjoy it, other times we’re frustrated
other times ____________ [fill in the blank with the emotional reality du jour]
basically, we have experiences to fetch and tend to emotional feelings derived from those experiences we choose.

there is no need to live
we live to write a story whether we pen a single word or not
the truth that those stories actually have any meaning is irrelevant
under even the best of circumstances because the context is created

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