A Bridge

the simple moments of our simple lives that give us the experiences we create our stories with in our everyday lives. this one is a rich, sweet storyteller i appreciate.

Behind the White Coat


I pulled to a stop in front of the kids shoe section. Why are kids so rough on shoes? One second they look fine, the next they are falling apart. Maybe it is crappy construction?

My daughter dang near fell out of the cart trying to reach for the pink sparkly shoes that were four sizes too small that had caught her eye.

“Sweetheart, that’s too small for you.”

Cue the histrionic wailing.

I pried the shoes out of her grubby death grip and placed them back on the shelf only to turn around and find my son hanging upside down from the end of the cart.

How the hell did he do that so fast?!?!??!

I dragged him off and put him back on his feet only to discover that my daughter had grabbed another pair of sparkly pink shoes. These were four times too big.

More wailing.


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