5-5-5 Challenge. Day 2: Nobody Home



The door is locked, and the shoes are outside.

Look deeply, closely at the door, and ask yourself a question. What is the story of the people who lived here? Was there a happy family? Ever?

It looks like there was a family. Did they have children? Were they happy? Did the woman leave the man? Did he, then, in despair, walk away and leave his shoes outside the house as a reminder that, once upon a time, he was happy?

Or, did he leave the woman, and did she leave the house unable to bear the loneliness and the weight of the memories? Did she then leave his shoes outside as a sign of his perfidy?

Could it well be that there was no real drama at all, and that he simply left his shoes outside, because he did not want to carry the dirt of the streets into…

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