This Is Why I DOn’t Believe You

So, you have this big, huge fancy non-profit, you claim you are going to be the savior of the world.  You are going to save the environment and all the people on the planet.  Yet, right there, in your very own city, your little piece of the ocean, is the port from which Shell Oil Company has launched its Arctic Drill rig out from, there’s these kayakers.  Just simple citizens out there with little boats trying to stop it.  AND, where are you?  I mean, it doesn’t have to be you personally, but YOU, your influence there in Seattle to stop fossil fuels once and for all.  Or is Shell just to big for MS?  Maybe if you had called up Richard Branson, who I am sure would have your back on this, and Royal Dutch Shell is a global company like that, so I could see how you may want to have allies in this, yet, YOU do have allies, many of them now.

YOU could have done it.  Stopped it with those Kayaktivists, yet, you still choose not to do it.  Why not now?  Or maybe you like Shell’s drilling up in the arctic, maybe we can have another BP disaster or something.  I dunno, seems to me, if I were you, I would have made a phone call, emptied the offices of all who were willing to go and volunteer to support them, got my yachts and schooners and blocked that fuqer.  #IfIWereBIllGates that’s the kinda balls we need today.  Just sayin.


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