Why Merrill Lynch Likes the Apple Watch but Sees Room for Improvements

since it can’t really be used as a universal communicator device yet, i thought this (ticker watching, horse betting, and twitter storms) are the only really useful thing the watch could do . . . maybe there’s other things, i am curious, what do people do with them besides nano watch the information streams they feed on?

24/7 Wall St.

Apple Watch introSome people are still undecided on the newest product from Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL), but Merrill Lynch is here to help with an evaluation of the Apple Watch and where the tech giant can grow with it. The firm has listed some of the more prominent features of the smartwatch and also where it can be improved.

Currently, Merrill Lynch is evaluating the Apple Watch after its first two weeks on the market. The firm has a Buy rating on Apple with a $145 price objective, and the Apple Watch has not done anything to change that rating or target, for the better or worse.

Merrill Lynch’s research team tried out the Apple Watch over the past two weeks and walked away largely positive, but also with a wish list of features. The convenience of not having to fish out the iPhone all the time was reported as a definite…

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