Humans have changed the planet. Here’s how we design for that now

“For most of us …” ok, so, this article is not for me so I would thought I would share it here. Its REALLY REALLY REALLY long, but #Longreads are in right now, so, for “most of us” … get up to speed and then you’ll maybe join the rest of us doing what we know is right and help stop stupid cold in its tracks! #itsok2besmart #occupycityhall #occupyNRC #occupyEPA #occupyyouself #occupyeverywhere #savethewholeplanet #thinkcosmicallyactintimately #thinkgloballyactlocally #DoItInYourOwnHome and watch the world change right before your eyes!

For most of us, the job of taking care of the planet is very definitely the responsibility of Someone Else. We might have thoughts, we might have standards, we might even have a composting habit, but we more than likely hope and expect that the trained professionals have got this under control. One problem, of course, is that those who are trained to look after the world often come from many different disciplines; they might be working on the same problem simultaneously from two very different points of view that clash.

That has to change, says landscape architect and TED Fellow Bradley Cantrell in this epic conversation with ecologist Erle Ellis. Below, the pair talk about how their two professions can understand each other and work together in surprising ways to build a sustainable future for wolves, rhinos, butterflies … and us.

Bradley Cantrell: You and I are very deep in our…

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