Free Time 

welcome to my world. everyday, gotta think of things to do and do things that need to be done and …. forget that anyone needs me whatsoever except for my daughter. #fuqafukushima, the NRC surely will figure out its a bad idea to keep a nuclear power plant open on an active earthquake fault, right?! enjoy your day. the wine, great idea (yet, i’m only on my second cup of coffee, so i’ll join you a bit later on that!).

Behind the White Coat


Today I am not at work.

Instead I am at home.

I spent a couple of hours working on charts this morning.

Then I ran errands: New pants for my son. A gift for my daughter to take to a birthday party tomorrow. A bottle of good Pino Grigio.

When I got home I walked past the computer on the dining room table, resisting the urge to log on again.

Fuck it!

Surely they will be fine without me.


I walked past the computer, then doubled back to close it up and hide it in the study. Out of sight, maybe out of mind perhaps?

Now I have a chilled glass of wine in my hand. Yes, it is before noon. No, I do not make this a habit. Hopefully it will assuage the guilt of taking a day off…

Dishes. Laundry. Clean the bathrooms. Write. Take a nap…

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