Slow Down and Enjoy Life

Yeah,fuq you and your post. #DUK

Did U Know, duh, we may not be able to have the #WinterMusicConference in Miami Beach in like 2020?¿

Seriously, get off the fuqin drugs and wake the Fuq up. THIS is ONLY relevant for those elderly or disabled in some way that makes them, like you, someone who is in the way in an emergency. This is excellent advice, stay home and do nothing. Everyone else, #OccupyCityHall #StopTPP #Fuqafukushima #SaveMiamiBeach #BringTheArmyCorpHome

4 thoughts on “Slow Down and Enjoy Life

    • oh, goodness no. i don’t even know you. why i put it on my reblog =).

      i think, directed mostly at my little brother in that moment. =) you just happened to have used very similar words my brother said to me as I was driving to Venice Beach to go and visit where the LAPD just shot dead another yet another unarmed man I happened to have just met briefly very recently. #BrendenGlenn (“Brenden, not Brandon” — just like my daughter’s water polo coach — and how he corrected me when I met him). Then going to L. A. City Council to talk to them about it and their complete disconnect . . . oh, my, this world is upside-down crazy. My brother tends to degrade my activism with his white privileged, consumer, war mongering perspective and “he was just a homeless dude,” mentality.

      yes — i totally agree with you’re sentiment!!! There IS a time to rest, but that time isn’t now unless you are doing EVERYTHING possible to end this status quo and return to a course where that time actually means something meaningful, instead of just another excuse to go get your nails done or buy your 4th car when you still only have two drivers!

      Specifically, though, those moments I cherish greatly and use every one of those to the maximum, and #YES!, they are some of the most important things you can do — sometimes even more than confronting the bullies in our reality.

      • cheers. =) sometimes, the moment i’m in can be a harsh one. thank you for not taking it personally — its like when I’m ranting at my local City Council because the police everywhere else are fuqing up. if that makes sense?! Trust me, if I had a personal issue to take up with you, I’d do it directly and not so . . . hmmm, well, i probably wouldn’t use the f bomb on your blog, that wouldn’t be nice. =) #gratitude4understanding #BloggersInTheMoment

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