How Creationism Turns God Into A Mischievous Demon

#ReadingNow i dunno why, seemed interesting enough …. #waitingonworld2change

The Heretic's Mirror

Most arguments against Creationism (and its bastard stepchild “Intelligent Design”) are predicated on its conflict with established fact and its misuse or misunderstanding of science. But that only addresses part of the question, and specifically, the part that those who are invested in the religious perspective are most likely to ignore. But Creationism isn’t just bad science, it’s bad theology as well.

I was raised Lutheran, in a branch of the church that found no conflict between faith and knowledge. The pastors spoke positively about evolution, about studying the historicity and authorship of the bible, and similar topics where investigation has superseded older appeals to authority.

In college, however, I was attracted to an emotionally-engaging Pentecostal youth ministry that served the campus. Part of the attraction was a style of interaction that was open and welcoming, part of it was that they co-opted the music of my generation rather than…

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