Yep, I’m Pretty Sure

i hung out at a communist event today. i mean it wasn’t a communist thing, they just organized it.

today was a national day of solidarity actions to “Shut It Down” — “It” being whatever is not working for the People in our government, most specifically in our criminal justice system.  The fruits of privilege and waste are killing our souls and communities, not to mention our children, friends and families by the hands of those we empower, pay and direct to serve and protect us.  We do not do so at our own risk.  This Stops Now.

Let’s see what these kids have, these “commies” who are really just like super sweet democrats really.  =)  i am so glad that i never did understand what was wrong with people with a different political belief like that, mostly, i find them very interesting to talk to, they really seem to like philosophy.


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