Why Women Love The Internet


All the men, of course. 😀

I was just looking for some new blogs to follows now that GigaOm is no more and, well, my Word Press stream is just too dude and not in the good way; i do not like it.  So, what DO i want to experience?

The deliberate effort GigaOm made to not just include but exalt the thoughts, process and voices of women in the tech industry was rare.  Even though i knew so little about what they were usually talking about technically, I appreciated GigaOm’s efforts for balanced integration of the female voice within the company, within tech and as a voice of tech in other industries and in government.

So, hating my feed as i now do, i thought this morning, “time to randomly* follow suggestions from the universe.” Its rare that a loss of one source from a feed can impact one of my streams like that, so i am doubly sad as that vacuum in my simple feed, i know, resonates that loss in an industry where this issue runs deep.

I am not a fan of categorized suggestions yet i understand why they are offered.  2 me, it takes out a bit of fun experiencing new blogs,the fun of random expansion: one must choose a specific area of life to expand rather than choosing a random expansion just because a clever blog title extends an invitation to explore places one may otherwise never experience.

Then this screen (above) sent me on after a different white rabbit: why are all three blogs authored by men, and don’t they have an algorithm to suggest a naturally balanced ratio of demographic options? Such as a 50-50 male to female ratio?

In fact, I’d love to see WordPress statistics as to how many male authored blogs get recommended vs. female authored blogs. I wonder does that kind of stuff REALLY impact our society and mindset the way They tell us it does?

Maybe it means nothing, yet i think, maybe They are right, and it would be an easy fix, *algorithmically speaking.

And, of course, I’m just curious if these three men are all white dudes too.  I sure hope not.  just sayin’ . . . be smarter.


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