Boeing, Air Force Shorten Test Time for New Tanker

so, i wonder, are we spending all this money on this bogus war game gear now so COMPLETELY outdated as we ALL KNOW war is just so obsolete as a real option for the resolution of problems, yet we want to just SEE if SOMEHOW the world is not actually doomed from #fuqafukushima, there may actually be something left over to fight about?!!! really?! wtf?

24/7 Wall St.

Boeing KC-46A with chicksBoeing Co. (NYSE: BA) has a contract worth more than $48 billion with the U.S. Air Force to replace 179 50-year-old KC-10 refueling tankers, but signs are starting to appear that the KC-46A tanker program is another in a growing line of Boeing’s new aircraft misadventures, including the 787 Dreamliner and the 747-8.

The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a review of the KC-46A program late last week. It indicates that the program cost has dropped 5.4% from $51.7 billion to $48.91 billion. That is the good news.

The less-good news is that a previous problem with the new tanker’s wiring harness caused the Air Force to delay its production decision for two months, out to October of this year. That meant changes to the test flight schedule. The GAO says:

With [U.S. Air Force] program office approval, Boeing restructured its nearly 2,400 development flight test hour plan to…

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