Window Washing

i spent a visit with a friend as he had to go to the emergency room. i got a first hand experience of life in a western medical emergency room facility that is run for a profit. interesting. i felt like alice in wonderland. i felt, all and all, the staff on all levels were very attentive to my drama queen diva friend and his pain (his first experience with a sciatica issue), the morphine shot i think helped everyone!

Behind the White Coat


How do you keep such a positive outlook about your patients?

There are three things that I try to never lose sight of:

#1: We are all imperfect.

It is easy when you are young and stupid to imagine all of the lines that you will never cross that make you so much better than everyone else. All of the things that I told myself I would never do? I did them. Well, a lot of them. Eventually I was forced to recognize that I am a flawed person and as such I must extend the same consideration that I desire to everyone else that I meet. No one is better than anyone else. Some are just better at hiding their secrets.

#2: There is good in everyone.

Many people tell me that I am silly for believing that no one is truly 100% evil. There is good in us…

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