Urgant Update: Mumia sent back to infirmary

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At 7pm last night, Mumia Abu-Jamal was transferred back to the infirmary at SCI Mahanoy- the same prison infirmary that failed to identify his diabetes, gravely misdiagnosed him, and gave him severely detrimental treatment. This is an outrage!

Press Conference tomorrow, April 3rd
11am at SCI Mahanoy
301 Morea Rd, Frackville, PA

We will then caravan to the office of the Department of Corrections, 1920 Technology Parkway, Mechanicsburg, PA

CALLNOW to demand that Mumia’s family, attorney and sister Pam Africa be allowed visitation in the infirmary: 570-773-2158 x8102

If you care about Mumia and the right to medical dignity for prisoners, please click here to contribute now and join our campaign to secure Mumia’s ability to get treatment. Build Mumia’s medical fund at: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/mumia-abu-jamal-needs-medical-care-now

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