interesting to think that an alien knows which stuff is valuable to humans and can make us kill one another . . . great, powerful poem dear Mum C =)

Mum C writes

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Nananom were the Lords

When the aliens came as explorers

Riches turned their heads around

And they aimed to be the kings

So Nananom were subdued

Isn’t it funny that salt were used as toffees

To make our Lords tongue licking children?

Isn’t it funny that lone guns were used

To make men feel like servants of rude gods?

Isn’t it funny that men were caught in cages

And sent on crosses on nauseating waters?

All lives shattered

All tears harvested

All the blood of our land fetched

As thoughts of selfishness pushed into heads

Caused them to drum in hatred

And contributes to our plight today

Even in prayers for better days,

I weep for the black land so defiled

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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