Stick it to Me!


Behind the White Coat


“Take a deep breath and let it out….. Ok, again….” I was leaning over patient’s bed listening to her chest. Done with the back, I moved to the front. The poor woman looked truly miserable. Her gray hair frizzed about her head in a silver halo of sorts. I felt awful for her. “Again. Good…. One last time…”

There was a terrible rattling and wheezing, worse in the left lower lobe consistent with her X-ray. I gave myself an imaginary congratulatory high five for my superior diagnostic exam skills.

At that moment, as I was pulling away, she coughed a deep hacking wet cough that shook her entire body. I watched in slow motion as the biggest yellow loogie I had ever seen flew from her mouth toward my left shoulder. I tried to move out of the way but I was too slow.

So much for Matrix ninja moves…

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