Blogging is not for pussies.

ACTUALLY, the TRUTH is, Blogging IS for pussies. Hiding your opinion online behind a screen where anyone can be as mean as they want and it feels like … ah, we’ll just block them is a weak person’s expression of their thoughts. Now, actually going out in public and sharing those with your local community . . . or confronting the issues directly — That takes real balls. Blogging is for pussies and weak people who don’t stand behind their words unless they go out and stand and speak their words out loud to the public they can hide from online! Showo me some real strength and courage: #OccupyCityHall and go say what you do online on the official record at public comment.

Lucky Otters Haven

Don’t be a pussy.

Anyone who blogs about a sensitive topic, especially one that focuses on mental health issues (religion and politics would be up there too), is bound to run into haters and detractors at some point. If you blog about a controversial topic, such as narcissism, especially if you write your blog from the perspective of someone who has been a victim of their abuse, by default you make yourself vulnerable to online narcissists, trolls, bullies, and psychopaths. You are going to attract people who do not wish you well. It’s a built-in hazard of the trade.

Even if your blog isn’t particularly controversial or doesn’t focus on a sensitive issue, you are going to have haters and bullies. OM (Opinionated Man) is a perfect example of this (he insists he has a LOT of haters), and he has well over 50,000 followers! He doesn’t let the haters…

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