Why I Go 2 Church


Because i don’t. “go to church and worship like a dog” blah blah blah

Except when i do usually for random reasons that usually have nothing to do with God.

P.S. do you know how many political decisions are made in collusion with the Church? #indiana #arkansas


5 thoughts on “Why I Go 2 Church

  1. Perhaps, more than what’s healthy, yet for one’s peace of mind, if not salvation, in the present, it’s a good practice to let one’s hair down in the presence of the Omnipotent, just a suggestion, and find personal solace, not necessarily in the Church, even at home.

    • Nature is my solace and teacher thank goodness, it’s always around! I usually go to church when politics piss me off so i go throw a hard block into their mix of hate. After this week’s news, though, Sunday school will probably be more an organizing meeting. 😃

      • I understand your point of view – when any ideology or belief gets institutionalized it results in regimentation as is the case with a communist philosophy, military or even religion. In modern times, anything and everything gets commercialized and so is the case with the Church, and hence, the suffocation. No wonder, you find relief in Nature, the best time-tested stress buster! 🙂

      • Indeed, the internet has a similar function in my stress busting as well. Always has been, those two ways i find freedoms where they are otherwise denied. Cheers

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