Three Men, Great Britain And A Line

I am reading a lot about Indian history these days. More specifically, about the period of India between 1857 and 1947. When I am done with this, I will go back to the history of ancient India.

History is a strange thing. It is a very strange beast indeed, and the history that we know, is the version that schools and historians want us to know. When I was growing up, we were taught about India’s Independence, the Great Partition, and how Jinnah was such a power obsessed bastard that he drove the Partition of India into India and Pakistan.

As I read more and more about these years, the more I am forced to reassess my understanding of Jinnah, and history. Jinnah did indeed drive the partition of India. Yet, as it transpires, this was not his intention. It seems that, for over 30 years, he was a champion…

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