Can BlackBerry Have Positive Free Cash Flow?

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24/7 Wall St.

BBRY Q10 phoneBlackberry Limited (NASDAQ: BBRY) has been battered and it seems nearly impossible to imagine that the troubled smartphone player will have positive earnings again. That being said, is it possible that BlackBerry could have a positive free cash flow report along with earnings late this week?

Wells Fargo’s Maynard Um maintained a Market Perform rating for BlackBerry with a valuation range of $9.50 to $10.50. The firm gives this rating despite the fact that it believes BlackBerry will disappoint Street estimates for revenue and earnings per share (EPS), but there are some positives. On the plus side, Gross margin is expected to be better, due to a better mix, along with cost management, and positive free cash flow (FCF).

The potential for sale of the company is possible, but it doesn’t appear as likely in the near-term. However, other strategic alternatives are available at this stage such as restructuring, divestitures, aggressively…

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