5 thoughts on “Finding out its ok to be wrong

  1. Of course, its certainly okay to be wrong, or none of the great inventions including discoveries would have materialized! If necessity is the mother of invention, then mistakes or wrongs, if you would like, are the sisters of invention and discoveries (had Columbus not mistaken the land of America for India, the land of spices, Uncle Sam’s great country wouldn’t have been so prominent on the world map, etc, etc.

      • Oh…I’m so sorry to disappoint you, but to hope for ‘our peaceful existence of bliss on earth will return’ is just a pipedream, and hence, hopeless! The way things are going wrong in this world and also the speed at which all avoidable, senseless pain, death and destruction are inflicted upon innocent victims are an indication of the moral rot that has set in paving way the for yet another natural catastrophe of biblical proportions like the Genesis flood which is bound to happen as the evildoers are just asking for it, and God is bound to oblige them sooner or later!

      • no, you cannot disappoint me, i was born in a jail.

        and, as far as I can tell, an #ethicalrenaissance is just as likely as complete destruction of planet earth. maybe if we all just keep working on the former, the latter will not happen so we can compare and contrast grandbabies!

  2. I appreciate your optimism and yes, there’s an element of truth in it as it is said that one can change dire predictions to more beneficial events with positive feelings and efforts! But, it would be a hell lot of a time-consuming effort as essentially most folks are unaware of basic ethics, yet worth giving it a try, at least for the sake of comparing and contrasting grandbabies! 🙂

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