The Antidote

Behind the White Coat


What is the perfect antidote for Friday the 13th? Good seats to La Boheme.

Why, you may ask?

Even though I had ended the afternoon clinic schedule a bit early, all hell broke loose keeping me late tending to patient needs. As a consequence, I had to rush home to change. I threw on a good bra and a low cut black cocktail dress and nice shoes, then touched up my makeup, got the sitter situated, and ran to the car. I was halfway down the road when I realized that I was still wearing my white cotton granny panties.

Laugh number one.

People pay more for one of these seats than I did for my face cream. Everyone is all dressed up in evening wear and putting on airs (except that my white cotton granny panties keep me from getting too high on my horse). But when the…

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