Why Americans Don’t Care About Prison Rape

The first thing I saw this morning was the plea deal of three correctional officers who are the FIRST one’s charged that did not occur with an incidence of rape or sexual assault. More needs to be done to re-think our mindset and administration of our prison system. What will actually #Rehabilitate someone who finds themselves there? Give those resources and we will have a prison system that does Rehabilitate instead of denigrates both the prisoner and oppressor. Let’s restore a society based on civility and care rather than punishment and suffering. #EndMassIncarcerations #500WordException

Prison Books Collective

alcatraz_prison_block_cc_imgFrom The Nation

In June of 2012, the New York Times “Room for Debate” feature considered whether or not convicted youth offenders should be treated differently than adult convicts in the penal system. Those in favor of trying some youth offenders in adult courts included a victims’ advocate, and an attorney from the conservative Heritage Foundation; those against included an inmate at California’s San Quentin prison, and a human rights activist. The victims’ advocate and the attorney from the Heritage Foundation talked about extreme cases of violence and the benefits of stern consequences. The inmate and the human rights activist talked about rape.

“The suicide and sexual abuse rates of younger prisoners are higher than those of the physically mature,” Gary Scott, the inmate, noted: “how can rehabilitation be possible in such a dangerous environment?” Scott was incarcerated at age sixteen.

T.J. Parsell, the human rights advocate, put it like…

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