Mississippi Bill puts Jesus at the wheel — without qualifying drivers license

lol, my former husband took up that phrase, “jesus take the wheel” . . . to me it was a lame excuse, an abdication of driving so you can be the passenger for someone else’s ride; not the way to save a marriage.

i understand the surrender concept, yet it has to do with the intention of the surrender. just like one can go and conjure up an extreme experience to have “an extreme experience,” that is not the same as finding yourself in an extreme situation that has no context in experience or expectation. Surrendering with an expectation of life to happen is no different than staying on the Titanic with half-empty life boats being lowered to safety.

personal favor: #TrafficIsReal. Please always be sure there’s always a REAL driver behind the wheel! preferably one that is paying REALLY good attention!


A few years ago, someone created a Facebook event page for “Jesus, Take the Wheel” Day. It encouraged Christian drivers to remove their hands for a total of five minutes on the highway on a particular day and let Jesus control the car.

That turned out to be a joke (thankfully), but Mississippi legislators may soon pass a very real bill that lets people get behind the wheel of a vehicle they have no business driving… as long as it’s church-owned:

House members on Thursday [Feb. 5] passed a bill exempting mid-sized church buses from the state’s commercial driver’s license requirements, prompting one lawmaker to call it the “Jesus Take the Wheel Act.”

The bill, HB 132, would help congregations lacking a CDL-certified driver transport up to 30 passengers in a church-owned vehicle…

Current law requires CDL-certified drivers for any vehicle transporting more than 16 passengers, including the driver. The…

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